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Hello and we’re happy you stopped by. If you are a Margarita aficionado then you have come to the right place. Our objective here is to provide you access to all things Margarita from salt for your glass rims to high-end blenders that will get you just the right consistency in your drink.

Margarita Blenders LogoA good, if not excellent blender, is an absolute necessity when creating your frozen concoctions and a failure to take into account just how much stress these machines are under can lead to problems. Fact is that chopping and grinding ice is one of the most difficult jobs you will ever ask a blender to do. This problem is the reason why you will only find blenders that are rated four stars or higher by actual owners. These blenders have already proven themselves on the front lines of drink making and have come through with flying colors.

Margaritaville Machines LogoThe Margaritaville Company is the big kahuna in the world margaritas and there is no other name that is more closely associated with frozen adult drinks. Nor should there be, since Jimmy Buffet is considered to be the king of margaritas All the Margaritaville machines are well thought out, well designed and well manufactured. As a matter fact I don’t think there is a single Margaritaville machine that rates fewer than four stars. When you buy a Margaritaville product you’re buying quality that will not only turn out hundreds of restaurant quality frozen drinks, it will also do double duty as a standard kitchen blender. If you’ve never seen a Margaritaville frozen concoction maker check them out, you’ll be amazed.

Margarita Glasses LogoOne of the things that add greatly to the enjoyment of a Margarita is having it in the proper glass. Let’s face it serving a Margarita in a Collins glass deftly lacks a certain flair to say the least. Margarita glasses come in any number of different varieties from polycarbonate plastic disposable glasses to stainless steel. Using the proper glasses at a party also says to your guests that you care about their experience. In addition if you’re looking for a great birthday gift, anniversary gift or holiday gift the choice of highly attractive hand-painted Margarita glasses can really be a truly special gift.

Margarita Party XtrasSo just what are Margarita party extras? These are the little items, the things that put the finishing touches on any party. These are products like salt, salt rimmers, coasters, knickknacks and any number of other little things that add to the overall atmosphere of a get together. Paying attention to these items again says to your guests that you care enough to go the extra mile when throwing a party.

Margarita Recipes LogoOkay so you have a great blender, the glasses are perfect and you paid attention to all the extras that make a party great, but what kind of margaritas will you serve. Sure you could buy a bunch of premade mixes at the store and use those, but how does that make for memorable party. In this section you can pick up all sorts of recipes and ideas for margaritas both shaken and blended. A lot of very unique recipes been included in this category and it is definitely worth looking over. Simply find the one you want, print it off and pick up your ingredients. You and your guests will be happy you did.

Margarita 3Now you may be asking yourself why are tailgating necessities being included on a Margarita site? Well tailgating and margaritas go together like Ying and Yang, Mutt and Jeff and ketchup and french fries. In this section you’ll find things that you’ll need to take the party on the road. Things like gas powered blenders, battery powered blenders and portable barbecues. After all when you’re sitting in a parking lot or out camping you want to have everything you need to make for a great experience.