A 10 Gallon Margarita Machine That Can Be Used In So Many Ways

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Time To Think Outside The Box!

10 Gallon Margarita MachineWhen I first saw this my first thought was that I had to show you this just for the comedic value alone. Then the creative juices started flowing and I saw all kinds of uses for this home built 10 gallon Margarita machine. After all you don’t just have to limit your drinks to what he is showing, I mean after all with enough fruit juice you can create just about any kind of drink you want in volume.

Another plus is that you will not have to look too far for parts. Everything in the video seems to be available at Home Depot and Costco. After that it’s only a matter of a little bit of ingenuity in the assembly. So get ready for those big summer parties had never have to worry about mixing drinks other than once.

There is only one suggestion I would make and that is to use CPVC for the fittings and pipe instead of PVC. Better safe than sorry.

Click the video below the see how it all comes together.





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