A Quick And Easy Peach Wine Slushy Recipe

A Taste of Summer.

Peach Wine Slushy

Well as I write this it is the middle of January which means we’ve crossed into the new year and ever so slowly we are heading toward summer. So when I came across this peach wine slushy recipe I thought it would be a good one to throw out to you to get you ready for summer and those great sweet peaches that come with it. Now granted you’re going to have to use frozen features from your grocers frozen food section to accomplish this drink, but what the heck you would out the freeze fresh ones anyway.

This recipe comes to us by way of DessertForTwo.com and is comprised of the following.

  • 2 cups of a fruity wine. The original recipe uses a Sauvignon Blanc but a Moscato would probably also work well.
  • 2 to 3 peaches that have been sliced and frozen or one half bag of free frozen peaches.
  • Torani Peach Syrup (Optional)
  • Sliced peaches on the side for serving.

To prepare this drink you simply put the above ingredients in a blender and start blending until you get a nice smooth slushy purée. If you find out that you’re getting a drink that is too thin you can add a few more frozen peaches or stick the mixture back in the freezer to thicken up.

As an alternative if you have a Margaritaville machine you can manually shave a small amount of ice into the drink until you get your desired thickness. A word of warning about introducing too much water, in the way of ice, into the drink though. Introducing too much ice may water the drink down too much and since were dealing wine here and not straight alcohol it won’t take much.

If you find that your drink doesn’t taste peachy enough try adding a little Torani peach syrup. To find this try searching in the coffee aisle in your favor grocery store. These are the same flavorings at your local coffee shop uses in their creations.

To see the full recipe and other recipes at Dessert For Two.com simply click the link below.

PEACH WINE SLUSHIES By Dessert For Two.com


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