How About A Pitcher Of Cranberry Margaritas?

Easy To Make And A Crowd Pleaser!

A Pitcher Of Cranberry MargaritasAs a write this is the middle of January and the holidays have come and gone and along with it all things requiring cranberries in their creation. I came across this margarita recipe though and the pictures of it were just so inviting I thought I would bring it to you. I mean what the heck you can always mix up a big pitcher for Super Bowl parties or just hold on to the recipe until the summer when you need some real refreshment.

The recipe is about as simple as it comes and is made strictly from all store-bought and easily findable ingredients. About the only thing you’ll need to do is double the recipe to make sure that you have enough to go around. This cranberry margarita also makes for a great presentation with its bright red color and floating berries.

To see the full recipe simply click on the link below. To see a frozen cranberry margarita click here.

Cranberry Margaritas By Gimme Some



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