How Much Alcohol Does The World Drink And Who Is Number 1?

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Hint It Isn’t The U.S.

Alcohol ConsumptionFor those of you that love numbers and the amassing of knowledge here’s one for you to put into your brains trivia centers. The World Health Organization (WHO) turned out a report in 2014 detailing, by country, just how much alcohol the world drinks. This report might surprise you if you choose to read through it and sort the data.

This is not one area where the United States is number one with Belarus taking that much honored position with each person drinking 17.5 L (4.62 Gallons) of pure alcohol year. As a matter of fact the UK, Canada, Republic of Moldova and Australia all surpassed the United States in alcohol consumption. The U.S. itself only consumes 9.2 liters (2.43 gallons) of pure alcohol per year with beer and wine comprising 67% of our intake. This amount breaks down to just a little over three quarters of an ounce per day of alcohol per person.

I’ve included a link to the downloadable report which will go into each country’s consumption add nausea. The upshot of the whole report is that according to the World Health Organization we must do more to combat alcohol consumption. My response to that is have you taken a look at the state of the world lately? If three quarters of an ounce a day (in the United States) of alcohol helps people tune a little bit of it out I say more power to them. Have a margarita you’ll feel better!

Global status report on alcohol and health 2014


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