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Time To Replace That Old Blender!

Well summer is on its way or maybe in your neck of the woods it’s already there and the parties are going to start ramping up. Any way you look at it though you’re going to want those cold frosty frozen margaritas sometime soon and maybe even take then to restaurant quality levels. If you truly want to do them justice though, you’re going to need an excellent, if not extreme Margarita blender.

Blending Gone Wrong

Are you thinking about using that old blender again?

Don’t even consider it! Yes we’ve all been there, breaking out the margarita maker and trying to crank out dozens of frozen drinks for a party. The problem is though that old blender of yours probably just isn’t up to the task and you’ll be lucky if it doesn’t go up in flames from the added stress. You see the cheaper blenders in the store are just not up to the task of chopping that much ice and even if they do make it through the quality of the drinks will be sub-standard.

So what are you supposed to do?

Well instead of purchasing a blender that will need to be replaced with a year or two this time why not spend a little extra and get something that’s going to last for years to come. A new Margarita mixer in many cases is not that much more expensive than a blender and in other cases it’s a highly specialized piece of equipment with a price reflecting that specialization. These highly specialized machines though will turn out restaurant quality drinks that will be missing those annoying ice chunks that are present when using lower quality machines

Below are some high quality that will get you on you way to that frozen margarita you are looking forward to. Simply click on an image and you will be taken to a review of that item.

Margaritaville Machines

Margaritaville Machines

Ninja Pro Blender

Ninja Blenders

KitchenAid KSB465WH

KitchenAid KSB465WH

Oster 6-Piece Kitchen Center

Oster Kitchen Center

Let’s start at the low end of the frozen concoction maker pool.

Ninja Master Prep BlenderIf you’re looking for a Margarita mixer that can double as a blender plus a food prep system and costs about the same, then I suggest taking a look at the Ninja Prep Master blender. The ninja has a quad blade that can process anything from ice to ice cream. One of the really cool things about the ninja is that the blades come out of the pitcher. Be careful with this unit though, some customers have reported that it has some of the sharpest blades known to man, so you can easily cut yourself.


Moving deeper now.Blendtec Total Blender - Professional Blender Black

In this area you’ll find machines like the Hamilton Beach Wave blender, Kitchenmate mixer and the Oster Ice Shaver blender. Some of these machines have new and novel approaches to the blending process and units like the Oster Ice Shaver blender do something similar to the higher-end machines, but in two separate processes. These machines while being more expensive than the lower end blenders will last longer and do a better job.

Now let’s jump into the deep end.

Margaritaville MachinesIn the deep end of the blender pool you’ll find the Margaritaville frozen concoction makers, which are highly specialized ice shavers/blender combinations containing their own reservoir to hold the ice. Adding to the machines specialization is a number of pre-programmed settings that will have you cranking out everything from margaritas to mudslides at the touch of a button. Margaritaville’s top of a line unit is the Tahiti Frozen Concoction Maker and it not only comes with all the features mentioned above, it also has three separate 24 ounce pitchers and a spout that rotates between them preparing three separate and different drinks simultaneously. This makes it possible to make three 24 ounce pitchers of entirely different drinks whipped up in one blending. The machine is also quite a conversation piece.

Where Few Fear To Tread.

There is one other type of machine that can be used for creating great frozen concoctions, though few people go there. Why? These machines are very highly specialized units and are not blenders at all, they are simply frozen drink machines. You’ve seen them in every 7-11 and convenience store in the United States, but with prices starting at $1,100 few folks can justify having their own machine. Just because they are intended for Slurpees and slushies doesn’t mean they can’t be re-purposed into a frozen Margarita machine.

We’re just getting started!

Now that’s not every Margarita blender available, we have plenty more to show you. Look through the mixers below and if nothing there suits your particular needs then simply click on the More Margarita Mixers at the bottom of the page and more options will be provided to you.




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