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The Proper Glass Can Make All The Difference.

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Whether your Margarita is shaken with ice or the blended frozen variety the one thing you’re going to need to really complete your drink is the proper glass. Margarita glasses can come in a number of sizes, colors, materials and quality levels. So no matter what your situation there is a glass of is right for you and your decor. Scroll down to see more.

Standard Margarita Glass

Standard Margarita Glasses

Fancy Stem Margarita Glass

Fancy Stem Glasses

Hand Painted Margarita Glass

Hand Painted Glasses

Oversized Glasses

Oversized Margarita Glasses

Mexican Margarita Glass

Mexican Margarita Glasses

Stainless Steel Margarita Glass

Stainless Steel Glasses

Polycarbonate Margartia Glass

Poly Carbonate Glasses


Standard Margarita GlassStandard Glasses.

This is the old standby and it’s a glass that is both highly functional, inexpensive and will provide you with many years of use. That is provided that the parties don’t get too rowdy.

Fancy Stem Glasses.

Fancy Stem Margarita GlassThese can be the same as a standard glasses except for one thing the stems are contorted and come in different colors. These glasses can be great for extended parties when folks forget which drink is theirs and the only way they can tell is by the color of the stem. These glasses will also make a little added impression on your guests by saying that you care enough to provide something different.

The Hand Painted Glass.

Hand Painted Margarita Glass

These glasses are truly unique coming as a set containing a hand painted design common to all the sets glasses or as individual glasses with each containing its own unique hand painted a design. One manufacturer Lolita is well known for their unique glassware and their glasses are no exception. They are available in strawberry, banana, pomegranate, pineapple, watermelon, mango and peach themes. These glasses are little pricier than the ones above but well worth it and will definitely make an impression on your guests.


Giant Oversized Glasses.

Giant Oversized Margarita GlassMy favorite! Now this glass as for the true adventurer and is capable of holding a massive 33 ounces of whatever drink you want to put in it. Just fill it with your favorite flavor frozen Margarita or regular Margarita and you’ll be taking the concept of super-size me to a whole new level. Just remember to bring a designated driver though if you buy this glass.

Mexican Glasses

Mexican Margarita GlassThese glasses are unique in the fact that they are all hand blown, which means that they will all vary slightly due to the manufacturing process. They also come with a colored rim that can be blue or gold. Care should be taken with this glass in regards to extreme temperature changes, such as when removing it from the dishwasher. These glasses should be allowed to cool prior to continued usage or their storage.

Stainless Steel Glass.

Stainless Steel Margarita Glass

While not technically a glass this item does truly fit into a unique class of its own. This glass has no chance of breaking and will impart a gleaming touch of class to any party. They also require no special care, just use them, rinse them and put them away until next time. Drop them all you want, they don’t care! The only drawback I can see to these glasses is the chance that you might get your tongue stuck to it with a really cold drink.


The Ever Popular Polycarbonate (Plastic) Glass.

Polycarbonate Margartia GlassThese glasses are dirt cheap, durable and if they do a break you really don’t care. Their great around the poolside or anywhere that breakage may occur. They may not have the touch of class that any of the other glasses do, but when you’re catering to a lot of folks that are not to careful about how they treat thing, these may be just the ticket.

There you have a number of the more popular Margarita glasses that are available. We have basically only scratched the surface of what is available though. To see a wider variety of available glasses simply click on the Margarita glass at the bottom of the page.


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