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Make Your Next Tailgating Event Spectacular!

Go Chassi Grill N ChillYou might be asking “Why have we included tailgating on a Margarita website.”

Well one big reason is that tailgating events and margaritas are joined together at the hip just like ying and yang, Mutt and Jeff and alcohol and hangers. Tailgate enthusiasts everywhere take their home margarita mixer with them to an event and then plug them into their voltage converters, so that they can create frosty frozen margaritas anywhere they may be. So yes tailgating and margaritas are very much connected.

Another big question we get is “Isn’t tailgating just for football games.”

The answer to that question would be a big heck no! Tailgating events take place all across the country during all times of the year, with some of them lasting for days. Take for example NASCAR speed week, were folks come from all across the United States and stay for days grilling great food and blending up all kinds of frozen concoctions.

Have you ever been to a Jimmy Buffett concert?

If you have then you know what a tailgate party is all about. Jimmy’s fans, known as parrot heads, have the ability to take a tailgate party to a new level. You’ll see them there grilling steaks and mixing up Margaritas, with all this moving them to the state of mind known as Margaritaville. And as we all know that Margaritaville isn’t really a place, but it is a destination.

Let’s look a little closer at Margaritaville.

It’s hard to believe that all those years ago when Jimmy Buffett first sang the song Margaritaville that it would become the multimillion dollar enterprise that it has. Jimmy now has a full line of Margaritaville merchandise, over a dozen cafes, a line of liquors, foods and the crown jewel of his accomplishments the Margaritaville Beach Hotel in Pensacola Beach Florida. This is also by no means an exhaustive list of Jimmy’s accomplishments that have been generated by the simple concept of Margaritaville.

And tailgating equipment?

You guessed it! Part of the Margaritaville franchise is dedicated to tailgate equipment and the creation of some of the best margaritas on the planet. With five different versions of his frozen concoction makers, a liquor chiller and a tailgate grill you can see that a lot of time and effort has been directed towards tailgaters and the creation of margaritas.

But we don’t stop there.

We’re also going to bring you any other items we can find that will fit in closely with tailgating and the creation of any type of frozen cocktail. So scroll on down and check out what we have to offer. You also notice the images directly below this text; these are reviews of selected products and as such contain valuable information. Please surf on over and read through them, they can be invaluable resource prior to purchasing.



Daiquiri Whacker

Daiquiri Whacker

Go Chassi Grill N Chill

Margaritaville DM900

Canco Deluxe Grilling Table

Canco Deluxe Grilling Table

Picnic Time Buccaneer

Picnic Time Buccaneer


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